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 (Probably) Temporary Halt

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Amber Faith
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(Probably) Temporary Halt Empty
PostSubject: (Probably) Temporary Halt   (Probably) Temporary Halt EmptyFri Aug 16, 2013 10:04 pm

So, I am very, very sorry for not being active with everyone else when they were active.  I am afraid that my lack of activity sort of ended the project, and I was never able to get it going again when I was actually available to do it.
Sad news (Sad ).  I would try to reboot this project, truly, but I would not have that sort of time to actively maintain the forum anymore.  I cannot moderate new users and posts as they continue to trickle in (despite our inactivity), so I had to put the whole forum on an extensive holiday, unfortunately.  During this time, as I understand it, new members, posts, and maybe(?) PMs will not be available.  Yep, sort of frustrating, but I'm sorry.
Fortunately, in our limited time, we did make progress in the story planning itself (the purpose of the forum in the first place!).  I am very thankful to those who contributed their ideas and input.  I now realize that I was somewhat stubborn about some ideas and I'm sorry about that.
Anyway, although the initial idea as a video series sort of failed after various events, I think that it can still work as a story for something else.  We'll see what happens.  I have a feeling that this doesn't have to end forever.  It is just a sleeping beauty for now.
To my friends who helped me with this project, again, THANK YOU.  You don't know how much your support meant and still means to me.
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(Probably) Temporary Halt
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