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Amber Faith
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PostSubject: Laws    Laws   EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 6:43 pm

These are the LAWS of the land. Break a law, you will be demoted, or get temporarily or permanently banned. This is your first of TWO warnings before the first level of punishment. I, the Admin, will make the decisions regarding the consequences you will have to face.

  1. No cursing/swearing/cussing/crude language (whatever you want to call it) of any language or kind. Even if you don't spell out the entire word, I can still figure out what you meant. Please don't do this after I give you a warning unless you want to get banned for good.
  2. Respect your fellow members. I do not wish to see rude behavior, harassment, or teasing to other players. Characters in role play are excused because it is a story. But in the story you may still not go too far if other players request you tone the character's attitude down a bit, and you certainly are not allowed to be rude Out of Context of the story (OOC).
  3. Do NOT SPAM. A good description of SPAM is:
    WQ Coordinator wrote:
    SPAM= Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages. Listed below are our definitions of "SPAM":
    •Off-topic posts- any post that is either irrelevant to the forum or topic
    •Intentional post-count-raising- replying to questions that have already been answered and repeating the answer, or just posting nonsense that has nothing to do with that forum or discussion.
    •Quoting yourself or another member without adding anything new to the conversation. (Saying "^ this" under a quote is considered SPAM.)
    •One-word replies- actually, this includes any posts with three words or less. If you can reply with three words or less, it's probably not worth saying.
    •Personal topics- anything not directed to all forum members (unless it’s in a pack topic) should be sent using private messages or e-mails.
    •Offers for solicitations/services
    •Double-posting- please edit previous posts instead of posting more than once.
    •Non-normal writing- Text speak (ex- btw I g2g), SHOUTING, or using excessive numbers of: smileys, font colors, or punctuation (ex- !!??!??!?!) may all be considered SPAM

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