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 Introduction to the Project (General Information)

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Do you like the idea of a project like this? (don't you love the variety of options?)
Yes, it's amazing/incredible/awesome!
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Yes, it's cool.
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Amber Faith
Amber Faith

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PostSubject: Introduction to the Project (General Information)   Introduction to the Project (General Information) EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 5:34 pm

Hello, this is your admin here.

I'm guessing a few of you have heard of the so called "Moon Tree" from the game WolfQuest. For some it's like a magical being; for others, it's just a bare tree on Amethyst Mountain. But for me, it's something waiting to have its history told. Very Happy
As a few of you WolfQuesters know, I like to make YouTube videos of the game WolfQuest, whether to feature its glitches or create a pack video. Now I have the idea to have an actual plot, centered around the Moon Tree. It will be a miniseries of episodes, with music and everything.
Since the idea popped into my head, I've grown excited about it. At first, I was unable to think about anything else. I did all I could to start organizing things and find people who want to help. I made a topic on WolfQuest about it. I made a website for it, even though it was pretty cheap. And now I have this forum so my ideas and staff could gather and easily work on the project with me, as well as have fun role playing or discussing Whatevers.

I hope to be able to get started on planning the videos soon!!! If you have a WolfQuest account (get one at, you can apply to join the staff for this production. It's really hard to get people who want to help. You can apply for position here:
These are positions I'm looking to fill:

Director's Assistant 1-2 slots open (I'll likely select an assistant from one of the script writers or mods)

  • Help make important decisions.
  • Help with the script (and do all that a script writer does).
  • Help in selecting actors you think are most responsible and are familiar with the game.
  • Input your ideas directly.
  • Organize actor auditions.
  • Administrate the forums (not up yet)
  • Just help with everything there is to help out with.

Script Writer 5-6 slots open

  • Choose precise locations in WolfQuest for each scene. Take and post screenshots of possible areas and their locations on the map.
  • Help decide what characters are doing and how they're moving around (so things like sitting, laying, eating, stalking, etc)
  • Help write the script. *It helps to have experience with literate writing.
  • ETC.

I'll be selecting script writers at the end of April or early May (sorry, this is a delay), but I will allow applications until the script actually is started for Season 1.

In the future, I'll be looking for:
~ Actors (Helps to have a good connection with the game, or be willing to play the game low graphics quality--no lagging)
~ Forum Mods
~ Artists/Manip Makers (Great art is just awesome)
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Painting Skies

Painting Skies

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Introduction to the Project (General Information) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introduction to the Project (General Information)   Introduction to the Project (General Information) EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 10:06 pm

oh .. i'd be great at the bottom three though i probably won't get all of them Razz
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Introduction to the Project (General Information)
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